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Developing Solutions. Delivering Performance.

We safely provide innovative, performance-driven drilling services.

We develop and utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver industry-leading performance and value for our customers.  We are continuously focused on improvement to maintain a differentiated, high-quality offering.  This focus is not limited to our rig design and manufacturing capabilities; it also applies to the people, processes and systems that support our rigs operating around the globe.



We are passionate and intentional about safety because we care about our people, and expect safety to be a personal priority for all employees.

It is our firm belief the greatest value we can offer our customers is the wellbeing of our combined workforce. Our safety-by-design culture not only improves performance, it reduces the potential for incidents that could result in harm. It also creates a healthier working environment for all those who work on our rigs.

Life Belts

We have developed ten guiding principles we refer to as Life Belts. They establish clear, simple and consistent behavioral expectations focused on activities with the highest risk. H&P's Life Belts are the rules we live by.


Tools & Technology

At H&P we are focused on providing innovative solutions that lead the industry.  This ensures our customers have access to the best technology, not only with our drilling equipment but, also with our systems and processes that support our field operations.

A staff of professional technicians monitors our rigs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in H&P’s Center of Excellence (CoE). For more information about FlexRig monitoring, click here.

As one of many ways to ensure a safe work environment, we utilize an electronic Job Safety Analysis (eJSA) system that includes current operational procedures, IADC safety alerts, incident reports and training presentations for many rig tasks.

Proactive equipment maintenance, servicing and inventory management are administered through our electronic Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems. These systems track operational costs and consumption and enable H&P to standardize fleet procedures, sustain thorough documentation and employ efficient processes.

We are focused on leading-edge technology that pushes the limits of the oil & gas industry. H&P Technologies services offer customers an unrivaled opportunity to drill longer laterals, increase well placement accuracy and maximize yield. Learn more about our performance-driven drilling services that can be used on any rig, regardless of the drilling or service provider:



Located in our Tulsa corporate office, the Center of Excellence (CoE) is H&P's central information hub, responsible for maintaining, monitoring and supporting every domestic and international FlexRig.

The CoE Call Center and Rig Monitoring groups are staffed with systems technicians who partner with field personnel to troubleshoot rig events. They also leverage knowledge from experts in multiple disciplines throughout the company. Additionally, experienced engineers perform daily performance and data analysis throughout the fleet. The ultimate goal of the CoE is to deliver improved performance, minimize downtime, and provide maximum value to customers.

A Foundation Of Unwavering Integrity