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An American Story. A Timeless Legacy.

The story of Helmerich & Payne, Inc. (H&P) begins in 1920, on a Star 29 cable rig with two people: Walter "Walt" Helmerich II – an outgoing, adventure-loving barnstormer from Chicago. And William "Bill" Payne, – a quiet, hard-working microbiologist from Shawnee, Oklahoma. From this unlikely pairing was born a deep friendship and the oil and gas drilling company that still bears their names.

Since that humble beginning, H&P has expanded drilling operations to meet the increasing demands of a complex and globalized industry, and in the process, established itself as a true innovator and world-class leader. H&P's commitment to its core values and beliefs has enabled the Company to grow and expand throughout the years. We’ve weathered numerous ups and downs – including economic storms such as the Great Depression, the 1980's Oil Bust and the 2009 financial crisis – emerging as the world's premier land drilling contractor.

A Constant Commitment To Innovative Technology

What We Do