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Consultancy, Software and Training

H&P Technologies office in the UK, formerly AJC LTD, is a software-based, training and consultancy company based in Inverness, Scotland. AJC is widely recognized as an industry leader in wellbore positioning, providing software and in-depth training for clients. AJC’s software expertise creates a powerful platform that generates a compelling value opportunity for E&P companies.

Research and Development
H&P Technologies are a well-known R&D company in the Oil and Gas sector with several innovative technologies to our credit. Companies will often contact us with challenging new problems to get our input and suggestions and these contacts have frequently led to improved practices, equipment or software to meet the ever-changing demands of the Energy Industry.

Training and Education
Prof Angus L Jamieson is an honorary Professor at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Inverness as well as an internationally known consultant and lecturer in the drilling industry with over 30 years’ experience. He is the author of an e-book on Borehole Surveying and is best known as the original author of the Compass directional drilling suite. Twice voted top lecturer at the Shell International Drilling School in The Hague, Angus’ lectures are informative and entertaining.

You can sign up for courses through the University of Highlands and IslandsIf you would like to discuss specific requirements then please contact us by calling +44 (0)1463 423113 or email

We are frequently approached for assistance with challenging drilling or marine operations from all over the world. Prof Angus Jamieson and Dr. Andy McGregor are our main borehole surveying advisors. We have associated consultants who work closely with us to provide a wider range of skills in the fields of surveying and measurement and directional drilling, including IFR processing, field optimization studies, database audits etc.

New innovations and technologies are designed, prototyped and developed in-house utilizing associated engineers and technicians as required.