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Bit Guidance

MOTIVE Drilling Technologies, Inc. (“MOTIVE”), part of H&P Technologies, is the industry leader in cognitive computing to guide the directional drilling process. This algorithm-driven system considers the total economic consequences of directional drilling decisions. It has proven to consistently lower drilling costs through more efficient drilling. It also increases hydrocarbon production through smoother wellbores and more accurate well placement. 

Bit Guidance is a method for steering the bit in real-time. It uses task automation, forward modeling, and automated decision-making to guide the driller for more accurate positioning of the bit while drilling horizontal wells.

The MOTIVE® Bit Guidance System (BGS) helps to improve overall operating economics by:

  • Lowering well construction costs
  • Reducing future lifting costs
  • Increasing hydrocarbon production potential

The system performs all standard calculations normally performed by a directional driller, but completes them automatically, faster, and with greater consistency. The system also executes a great deal of additional engineering and economic analyses, and performs automated decision-making not possible without the use of high-speed cognitive computing, advanced algorithms and automation.

The system uses all available surface and downhole sensor data, reduces the chance for human error, and increases performance somewhat independent of the experience level of the directional driller.

The BGS has been used and proven in more than 1,250 wells and approximately 20 million feet of automated drilling. The system is compatible with all MWD and directional service providers, and can be deployed across your asset on H&P or non-H&P rigs. Learn more about MOTIVE here.

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