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BHA Modeling

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H&P Technologies Adds to its Portfolio

For almost 20 years, DrillScan has applied a scientific research and development approach to engineering. DrillScan is a leading provider of proprietary drilling engineering software, well engineering services, and training for the oil and gas industry.

HPT now owns the only independent modeling software with unrivaled technical credibility in the market which is critical to achieving HPT’s autonomous drilling goal.

Leveraging DrillScan’s proprietary physics-based modeling software, we will:

  • Model BHA pre-drill behavior to optimize assembly
  • Model wellbore vibrations, torque, drag, and buckling in real time
  • Compare actual BHA performance to modeled performance and iteratively make suggestions to improve the BHA and drilling performance on each subsequent run into the hole

DrillScan brings a team of highly respected industry experts who contribute to research, development and innovation efforts advancing H&P’s digital technology portfolio. As a well is being drilled, DrillScan builds a model of how drilling should perform in the future making drilling more efficient and accurate.

Headquartered in France with other international locations, including the United States, DrillScan’s capabilities are highly complementary to HPTs drilling optimization and automation solutions and shares our commitment to developing disruptive solutions that improve accuracy, efficiency and automation in drilling.

Learn more about DrillScan here.