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As we at H&P continue to increase performance, it is important we develop new and disruptive automation technologies that will increase repeatability, quality and accuracy of wellbore execution for our customers. That’s just what H&P Technologies has achieved with AutoSlide℠.

AutoSlide is a suite of drilling services that automates the control of surface equipment and steerable mud motors to optimize sliding in deviated and horizontal well drilling.

AutoSlide leverages several FlexApps and includes the Motive Bit Guidance system, which makes decisions on when to slide and when to rotate automating the decision-making part of the process to a true single button execution making consistent performance possible. These decisions and executions are made automatically to optimize performance and economic ROI for our customers.

Ultimately, AutoSlide provides a more intelligent approach to directional drilling. That means improved slide quality accuracy, wellbore quality and ROP performance. These combine to create longer laterals, higher repeatability and increased production performance.