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Safety by Design:

To the maximum extent possible, eliminate hazards by removing them in the design phase.

Drilling Performance:

Implement leading-edge technology to enable higher levels of efficiency.


Configure loads and interconnects with rig moves in mind. Integrate equipment and eliminate the need for double handling.

LEAN Manufacturing:

Ensure designs are fabrication friendly and easily adaptable to LEAN techniques.

Key Features:

  • AC/VFD power as an enabling technology
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) combined with a multi-parameter electronic driller
  • Top drive integration within the mast for moves and operation
  • Climate controlled, ergonomically designed driller’s cabin
  • Dedicated BOP transport and installation system
  • Iron roughneck and hydraulic catwalk
  • Enhanced mud system with round tanks
  • Drill floor with containment system
  • Hydraulic skid systems for multi-well drilling

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