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As today's horizontal well environment grows increasingly complex, factors such as safety, performance, consistency, and efficient systems become important differentiators among service providers. Our people, technology and improved processes, enable us to more effectively deliver on customers' elevated expectations.

Our contract drilling business is divided into three segments:

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FlexRig Technology
  • 1 Top Drive
  • 2 Driller's Cabin
  • 3 Mechanized Tubular Handling

Top Drive

The AC drive top drive and operating system enables the drill string to be electronically controlled from a computer touch-screen in the driller's cabin, resulting in drilling efficiencies for customers, particularly when drilling complex unconventional horizontal wells. The top drive is integrated into the mast for quick transportation during rig moves.

Driller's Cabin

Our drillers operate the rig using computer touch-screens and joystick controls in a climate-controlled and ergonomically-friendly working environment. The control system is coupled with advanced technology AC drives and PLCs which provide greater efficiencies and data acquisition capabilities for our customers.

Mechanized Tubular Handling

A mechanized tubular handling system allows the tubulars to be delivered to the rig floor by a hydraulic catwalk. The drill pipe and drill collar connections are assembled using an iron roughneck tool. These systems improve safety and the working environment for rig employees along with delivering greater efficiencies for H&P’s customers.

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