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What We Do

Over our 100-year history, H&P has expanded drilling operations to meet the increasing demands of a complex and globalized industry. It has earned us a respected standing as the world’s premier contract drilling company for oil and gas. Operating through two business entities, H&P IDC, and H&P Technologies. H&P Drilling designs, fabricates, upgrades and operates high-performance drilling rigs for customers in conventional and unconventional plays. H&P Technologies develops and implements advanced digital technologies to improve drilling performance on FlexRigs or any rig, regardless of the drilling or service provider.

Compare the H&P difference in drilling productivity and reliability that results in total well cost savings and unmatched accelerated well programs. We’re rated 1st by customers 10 years in a row because no one designs, fabricates and operates automated drilling performance packages as well as we do. H&P reduces risk, lowers total cost of operations and accelerates well programs better than anyone. Our long-standing commitment to safety reinforces the importance we place on people and our ability to recruit and retain top talent to serve our customers.


Meeting Demand By Expanding Our Presence

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