Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Safety by Design

Safety is more than a program at H&P; it is a fundamental principle and a company-wide commitment. We are passionate and intentional about safety because we actively care about our people, and we expect safety to be a personal value for all employees.

It is our firm belief that the greatest value we can offer our customers is the wellbeing of our combined workforces.  Our safety by design culture not only improves performance, it reduces the potential for incidents that could result in harm and creates a better working environment for all of those who work on our rigs.


We have developed ten guiding principles that we refer to as Life Belts. These Life Belts establish clear, simple and consistent behavioral expectations focused on activities with the highest risk for serious injury or fatality (SIF). H&P's Life Belts are intended to be easily remembered and referenced, and they are the rules we live by.


Wear a Seat Belt

The following video features H&P employees and family members as they tell personal stories about automobile accidents and seat belt safety. Haga clic para ver en español.