Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Meeting Customers' Needs

The FlexRig design process broke new ground in the drilling industry.  Rather than utilizing traditional rig designs, a multi-disciplinary team comprised of H&P engineers, operations personnel, HSE staff and fabrication experts, started with a “clean sheet of paper” approach and executed on several key requirements:

  • Safety by Design: To the maximum extent possible, eliminate hazards by removing them in the design phase.
  • Drilling Performance: Implement leading-edge technology to enable higher levels of efficiency.
  • Mobility: Configure loads and interconnects with rig moves in mind.  Integrate equipment to the greatest extent possible and eliminate the need for double handling.
  • LEAN Manufacturing: Ensure designs are fabrication friendly and easily adaptable to LEAN techniques.

This process resulted in a ground-breaking design that included the following features:

  • AC/VFD power as an enabling technology
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) combined with a multi-parameter electronic driller
  • Top drive integration within the mast for moves and operation
  • Climate controlled, ergonomically designed driller’s cabin
  • Dedicated BOP transport and installation system
  • Iron roughneck and hydraulic catwalk
  • Enhanced mud system with round tanks
  • Drill floor with containment system
  • Hydraulic skid systems for multi-well drilling

Today, as the market has shifted towards AC drive rigs as the rig type of choice, H&P's FlexRig continues to capture market share and has become the leader in AC drive rigs.  More and more customers are learning that the FlexRig is the best choice to meet their drilling needs, particularly in a market that increasingly demands unconventional drilling.