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Family of Solutions - Performance Applications



  • FlexTorque™ hardware and software offers less drilling vibration, lowers cost and yields more wells for higher reserves and production.

  • FlexConnect™ software optimizes slip-to-slip connection time, reduces flat time and improves well control.

  • FlexOscillator™ 2.0 rig control software automates drill string rotation, reduces drag and decreases costly incidents of stuck pipe.

  • FlexB2D™ improves efficiency and connection times while also maximizing bit/BHA life.

  • FlexDrill™ maximizes ROP while drilling to automate the e-driller to achieve the ideal mechanical specific energy (MSE) at the bit. Download the case study (PDF).

  • FlexGuide™ combines key performance metrics in one service that reduces risk, lowers total costs of operations and accelerates the well program.

  • FlexServices™ allows ease of buying along with a trusted level of quality that our customers have come to expect.  These services include:

    • Trucking (Region Specific)

    • Surface Equipment

    • CRT Services

    • Pipe Rental